72 percent

of all cats sent to shelters are euthanized
—a 100% preventable tragedy.

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New Jersey’s veterinarians want to keep cats in loving, caring households to prevent thousands of euthanizations or the relinquishment to shelters. Because cats make a real difference for so many families and children, please

FACT: New Jersey’s veterinarians are the leading advocates for saving the lives of unwanted or discarded animals.

FACT: Veterinarians are educating clients on alternatives to declawing, resulting in a dramatic reduction in use.

FACT: Advances in medical practices make the small number performed each year safe and virtually painless for cats.

FACT: Families with medical issues would be unable to keep their cats if they were unable to have them declawed.

FACT: People who rely on cats for therapy and companionship would be most negatively impacted:

  • Cat owners on lifelong transplant medication that suppresses their immune system.
  • Cat owners on chemotherapy that suppress immune systems.
  • Cat owners on blood thinners and hemophiliacs.
  • Elderly cat owners who live in facilities that require a cat to be declawed.


If you love cats, please act now.

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